Some links on professional wargaming

History of Wargaming Project Publishing classic books and articles on professional and hobby wargaming.

The Connections Professional Wargaming sites in the US and the UK

LBS Consultancy A site for professional wargaming resources.

War Game Developments A group dedicated to sharing ideas about wargame design and development.

PAXsims A professional wargaming site and blog.

Philip Sabin at Kings College London Information on a course in designing conflict simulations.

George Phillies' videos on game design.

The Strategy Page Information about wargames and news on current military events.

Journals and other resources

Journal of Simulation .

Simulation & Gaming .


Defence Modeling and Simulation .

Some blogs on gaming

These are mainly hobby games, but some have information on game design

Boardgame Geek . Reviews on boardgames and other resources.

The D6 Generation A blog and podcast about hobby gaming.

Geek and Sundry Features game reviews by Will Wheaton.

Generic Gaming Goodness A blog of game ideas and scenarios

Guns, Dice, Butter Interviews with game designers.

Ludology . Podcast on game design mechanics.

The Miniatures Page The best site on the web for news on miniature wargaming.

Three Moves Ahead. Podcast on strategy games.

Shut up and sit down Reviews of games, includes podcasts and video reviews

Other sites and people with information on wargaming

Tim Kubik. An educator who uses games for learning

Tom Mouat's matrix games and other goodies

Brian Train . Game designer.

Cognitive Edge .

Slightly weirder stuff

Street wars . Live role playing with water guns

Humans vs Zombies

Humans vs Zombies Australia .

A medieval version of chess.

Battle code

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