After a few days of searching, you have found nothing to eat or drink. Too weak to go on, you collapse and pass out.\n\nYou are dead.\n
You look out the window, and in the distance you see a bright flash followed by a growing mushroom cloud. Within seconds you see everything before you flattened as the shock-wave rushes towards you,\n\nRoll a D6.\n\nIf the result is a 6, click [[here|Destruction]].\n\nOtherwise, click [[here|Shockwave]].\n
For months now, the sky has been grey. The sun has been almost totally blocked out by clouds of ash and smoke. Your attempts at growing crops fail. Trees and shrubs wither and die. Despite it being the start of summer, the temperature continues to fall. As food runs out, you burn whatever you can find just to stay warm.\n\nBy winter, there is nothing left to burn, al the water has turned to ice, and a blanket of snow covers everything. Many of your tribe have succumbed to the cold.\n\nYou are one of the last to die as the next ice age engulfs the planet.\n
You find some weapons and defend yourself from the gangs of thugs. In time, others join you accepting you are their leader. For some months, you and your tribe manage to subsist on what you can find. You build shelters and begin to cultivate some plants for food.\n\nClick [[here|Winter]] to continue.\n\n
You see a light rain of dust and ash falling around you and immediately get under cover. You make your way away from the danger zone. After a few hours, while you feel a little ill, you think you may have avoided the worst of the radiation.\n\nYou are getting very hungry. You need to find food and water.\n\nRoll a D6.\n\nIf the result is a 6, click [[here|Fights]].\n\nOtherwise, click [[here|Starve]].\n
Unarmed, friendless and alone, you are attacked by a gang and overpowered. They steal your remaining supplies, but not before you are beatento death.
After a few days, you have found a limited supply of water and some tinned food. You have prevented starvation for the moment.\n\nHowever, the few survivors are becoming more desperate and fights over the meager supplies are breaking out.\n\nRoll a D6.\n\nIf the result is a 6, click [[here|King]].\n\nOtherwise, click [[here|Mugged]].\n
We interrupt this broadcast with an emergency news break.\n\nReports have been received of a massive launch of the world’s nuclear arsenal. It is not yet known what has triggered the launch or where the missiles are targeted. The first missiles are expected to impact in a few moments.\n\nGood luck.\n\nRoll a D6.\n\nIf the result is a 6, click [[here|Blast]].\n\nOtherwise, click [[here|Fireball]].\n\n
At supersonic speed, the shock wave pulverises everything in its path. No sooner do you realise what is happening than you are crushed as everything around you is destroyed.\n\nYou are dead.\n
Nuclear Winter\n\nA game designed by Greg Costikyan and developed by Joe Balkoski, John M. Ford, and Nick Quane.\n\nI think it was initially published in Strategy & Tactics Magazine.\n\nI converted it to TWINE as an exercise in writing a TWINE game.\n\nClick [[here|Alert]] to begin.\n
You stagger, but right yourself and begin to move about. Dust and ash is falling everywhere. Within moments, you begin to feel sick. You fall, too weak get up again. You realise the fallout and radiation is killing you.\n\nYou are dead.\n
Todd Mason
Nuclear Winter
You look out the window just in time to see a missile approach before you are vaporised in the nuclear blast.\n\nYou are dead.\n
All around you everything is destroyed. Buildings have collapsed, cars have been tossed about as it they were toys. Bodies lie everywhere. \n\nRoll a D6.\n\nIf the result is a 6, click [[here|Food]].\n\nOtherwise, click [[here|Fallout]].\n