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Janus was in use by many countries and many organisations for over three decades. During that time, many papers and articles were published describing problems, solutions, applications and other matters. While some of the detail from these papers may be dated, there is considerable information, advice, guidance and lessons that may still be applicable to simulation use and development today.

This list is an attempt to collect some of those references for future consideration.

Theses from the US NPS

General Papers on Janus

General Papers on Wargaming

Master's Theses from the US Naval Post Graduate School

Cannella, David A. 1994. Heavy Force Analysis of Javelin.

Cersovsky, Donald D. & Kleinschmidt, Edward. 1993. Mathematical Model and Analysis of the Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV) Using Computer Simulation.

Christenson, W. M. & Zirkle, Robert A. 1992. 73 Easting Battle Replication--A JANUS Combat Simulation.

Daniels, Charles L. 1994. Comparison of Fixed Wing Aircraft Algorithms for JANUS.

Dykman, Dixon D. 2000. A Comparison Study of Janus and HLA Warrior.

East, Allen C. 1991. Comparison of Tank Engagement Ranges from an Operational Field Test to the Janus(A) Combat Model.

Eldridge, Dwayne L. 1992. The Use of Neural Networks for Determining Tank Routes.

Fell, Michael W. 1991 A Sensitivity Analysis of the Janus(A) Combat Simulation That Supports the Use of Janus(A) in Army Training

Gardner, John P. 1988. A Comparison of the National Training Center and the JANUS (T) (TRASANA) Combat Model Battle Results

Hall, Max. 1986. The Design of an Interactive Computer Based System for the Training of Signal Corps Officers in Communications Network Management.

Hubert, Didier, & Machac, Samuel Eric, 1996. Analysis of the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleon's Course of Action with the Janus Combat Modeling Simulation.

Hughes, Bernard C., Jr. 1988. Target Selection Schemes.

Johnson, Matthew A 1994. The World Modeler: The Nexus Between Janus and the Battlefield Distributed Simulation-Developmental.

Kruse, Rachel A. 2002. An Analysis of Common Missile and TOW 2B Using the JANUS Combat Simulation.

Larimer, Larry R. 1997. Building an Object Model of a Legacy Simulation.

Lovaszy, Steven A. 1996. Comparison of Bradley M2A2 and M2A3 Using Janus.

Luqi, V. Berzinas 1999. Re-engineering the Janus(A) Combat Simulation System

McFadden, Willie, J. 1993. Comparison of JANUS(A) Simulated Terrain Vegetation Codes to Modified Terrain Vegetation Codes for the Javelin Antitank Operations.

Miller, Marvin Lewis. 1994. Improvement of Janus Target Acquisition Using a Fuzzy Logic Human Factors Model.

Park, Hun Keun. 1990. Analysis of Air Land Combat Tactics Using JANUS(T) System.

Pate, Maria 1992 Comparison of JANUS and Field Test Helicopter Engagement Ranges for the Line-of-Sight Forward Heavy System

Paulo, Eugene P. 1991. Comparison of Janus and Field Test Aircraft Detection Ranges for the Line-of-Sight Forward Heavy System

Pearman, Gerald M. 1997 Comparison Study of Janus and JLINK

Romans, Sue. 1993. Modeling the Enhanced Integrated Soldier System (TEISS) Using Janus(A).

Salvetti, John L. 1994. Comparison of the Future Scout Vehicle Using the Janus(A) High Resolution Combat Model.

Shorts, Vincient F. 1994. A Mathematical Analysis of the Janus Combat Simulation Weather Effects Models and Sensitivity Analysis of Sky-to-Ground Brightness.

Smith, Richard 1993 NPSNET: Scripting of Three-Dimensional Interactive Systems for use in the Janus Combat Simulation.

Thur, Julia Ann. 1992. Multimedia: The Case with the Army's Single Exercise Analysis System.

Toy, David J. 1992 Comparison of Graphical Terrain Resolutions by Scenario for the Janus(A) Combat Model

Upson, Christopher S.1994. Design and Implementation of a Software Communication Architecture for the JANUS-3D Visualizer.

Valgia, James A. 1994. Creating a Real-Time Three Dimensional Display for the Janus Combat Modeler.

Vannoy, John M. 2002. Application of the JANUS Combat Model for Analysis of Alternatives: A Study of the Operational Effectiveness of the Common Missile as Compared to the Hellfire.

Viana, Alfred 1992 A Comparison of Engagement Ranges from the M1A2 Early Users Test and Experimentation to the Janus(A) Combat Simulation Model.

Walter, Jon C. & Warren, Patrick T. 1992. NPSNET: JANUS-3D Providing Three-Dimensional Displays for a Traditional Combat Model

Whitney, Mark R. 1994. Visualization of Improved Target Acquisition Algorithm for Janus (A).

Williams, Julian, R & Saluto, Michael. 1999. Re-engineering and prototyping a legacy software system - Janus version 6.x.

Wilmer, Archie, 1994. Javelin Analysis Using Mathematical Modeling.

Wilson, Gregory Ray. 1995. Modeling and Evaluating US Army Special Operations Forces Combat Attrition Using Janus(A).

Wright, Jerry Vernon. 1991. Develop and Demonstrate a Methodology Using Janus(A) to Analyze Advanced Technologies.

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Other Papers Referring to Janus

Bailey, H.H., Mundle, L.G., & Ory, H.A. 1990. (RAND) Suggested Modifications to Optical Sensor Algorithms in JANUS.

Barnett, D. Sean. 1991 (IDI) A Study of the Effects of Terrain on Mechanized Combat Using the Janus System.

Green, J.G. Et al 1996. US Army engineers High resolution terrain study

Grotte, Jeffrey et al 1995. (IDI) DISTRIBUTED JANUS OVERVIEW.

Mansager, Bard K. ; Pearman, Gerald M. ; Larimer, Larry R. ; Shenk, Michael L. Janus Version 6.0 Tutorial. 1997.

Sanzotta, Mickey A. Sherrill, E. Todd 1997. Approximation Probability of Detection in the Janus Model.

Sherrill, E. Todd. West, P. Johnon, M. J. Barr, D.R. 1998. Qualifying Situation Awareness in Janus.

Vowels, Lawrence G. 2002. Unit of Action Janus Gaming Final Report.

Improving Detection and Acquisition in Janus(A) Using the Pegasus Database.

Army Research Laboratory. Defining Training Objectives and Performance Measures in a Janus BAttle Simulation 1998.

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Papers on Wargaming and Related Topics

RAND 1998. Improving the Analytic Contribution of Advanced Warfighting Experiments.

Gates, Brian K. n.d. Army Simulations: Moving Toward Efficient Collective Training Sims.

Holman, Jonathan L., Jr. 1966 Manual war gaming; hand playing the division battle. Master of Military Art and Science Theses

Kretchik, Walter E. Manual wargaming process : does our current methodology give us the optimum solution? 1991 School of Advanced Military Studies Monographs

MacIntyre, Kerry J. Analysis in the utility of commercial wargaming simulation software for Army organizational leadership development. 2000 School of Advanced Military Studies Monographs

Milano, James M. Tactical wargaming after H-hour: an unstructured mental process. 1991 School of Advanced Military Studies Monographs

Miller, James A. Gaming the interwar: how Naval War College wargames tilted the playing field for the U.S. Navy during World War II. 2013 Master of Military Art and Science Theses

Rosenwald, Robert A. Operational art and the wargame: play now or pay later. 1990. School of Advanced Military Studies Monographs

Shirron, W. Edward Optimum method of wargaming a tactical and operational course of action as an integral part of a corps commander's and G3's estimate of the situation in a time-compressed environment. 1984 Master of Military Art and Science Theses

Shoemaker, Jeffery M. 2003 Application of off-the-shelf military simulations to train decision making and teach tactics. Master of Military Art and Science Theses

Stanley, Bruce E. Wargames, training, and decision-making. Increasing the experience of Army leaders. 2000. School of Advanced Military Studies Monographs

Strukel, Steven E., Barr, Donald R. Armstrong, James. E. Tillman, Mark E. 1993 Quantifying the Value of Reconnaissance.

Verdy du Vernois, Julius Adrian Wilhelm von; Swift, Eben, trans. 1897 Simplified war game.

Willmuth, Thomas J. 2001 Study of military history through commercial war games: a look at Operation Crusader with the Operational Art of War. Master of Military Art and Science Theses

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