Janus Documentation

The following documents describe some of the changes incorporated into Janus(AS) between approximately 2005 and 2009. Sadly, some of the documentation from this time appears to have been lost.

Most of this documentation assumes some familiarity with at least one variant of Janus, although some of it may also be relevant to JCATS,and some concepts may well be useful for any combat simulation.

Job 001 Counter Battery Radar
Job 002 Post-processor Suppression Data
Job 003 Artillery Firing Signature
Job 004 River Crossing
Job 005 Minefiel Graphics
Job 006 Fire on the Move
Job 007 Kill Report
Job 008 Artillery Report
Job 009 Logistics Start State
Job 010 FASCAM Impacts
Job 013 Stop Clock
Job 014 Slope Calculation
Job 015 RXT Timeout Bug
Job 017 Scope Setting
Job 018 Zoom to Grid Coordinates
Job 018 Zoom to Icon ID
Job 019 Ammon Only Flag
Job 021 Smoke Clouds
Job 022 Group Viewfan
Job 023 Restricted Sensors
Job 028 Multiple Workstations
Job 033 Fuel Pump Rate
Job 034 Symbol Size
Job 42 Wind Data The wind speed and direction can be changed from ADMIN.
Job 44 Weapon Range Weapon ranges are displayed as part of the viewfan and in the ammunition info report.
Job 46 Detection of Mines Individual mines can be detected by engineers and reconnaissance so that unmarked minefields or the leading edges can be found
Job 48 Mine Clearing The clearing capabilities of systems are now defined on a per system basis not generically.
Job 51 Squad Weapon Ammunition A bug that incorrectly calculated resupply ammunition for squad weapons has been fixed.
Job 52 Declutter Obstacles Obstacles can be shown or cleared from the display to declutter the image.
Job 53 Obstacle Orientation The orientation of obstacles can be changed without needing to redeploy them.
Job 54 Scenario Name A new longer name/ description field has been added to the scenario file.
Job 55 Obstacle Detection Dimensions
Job 58 Artillery Range Data Different types of ammunition (HE, ICM, FC etc) can have different range characteristics.
Job 60 Creek Crossing Creeks and rivers now have a depth and vehicles have a fording capability.
Job 61 Aircraft Bombing Aircraft no longer have to stop to drop bombs. Bombing occurs at a new activity node called a "release point".
Job 62 Icon Symbology Systems have a generic secondary symbol that is used when the entity has not been identified.
Job 64 Scope Default Many menu options now automatically set the scope to icon when they are selected.
Job 65 aircraft altitude Describes how to use the altitude function.
Job 66 Mine Layers Mine layers lay the new type of minefield panel that can contain different mine types.
Job 67 Artillery Linear Mission The orientation and length of a linear mission can be set when it is planned.
Job 68 Artillery FASCAM FASCAM minefields can now be created in a variety of doctrinal sizes. Multiple fire units can be used to "populate" a minefield.
Job 69 Weapon Max Range A bug that allowed aircraft to engage DF targets beyond maximum range has been fixed.
Job 70 Display Status When the functions ROE, DEFL, WPN, SNSR, BRE, SPD or Set Alt are selected the status of icons is displayed below them as text, not the "V" and "-".
Job 72 Active Sensors Entities are warned when they are detected by active sensors such as AD Radar.
Job 75 Reverse Movement Vehicles can now be set to move in reverse, keeping their frontal armour towards an enemy.
Job 76 Dismount Distance The distance used for mounting and dismounting can now be set as a start parameter so that it is appropriate to the scenario and terrain.
Job 77 Check Fire IDF missions can be paused and resumed.
Job 78 Adjusted Artillery Mission Artillery can fire adjusting missions that improve the accuracy of subsequent fire for effect.
Job 79 AVLB The distance an icon needs to be from an AVLB to be able to use it can be set as a start up parameter. Icons will use the AVLB with the shortest delay time rather than the closest.
Job 80 Weapon Pits This adds an alternative "defilade" state available to entities that have not yet moved. Pits provide a degree of extra protection and concealment.
Job 81 Menu Changes The menu has been redesigned to make greater use of the "popup" region. New buttons have been added to make functions easier to remember.
Job 82 Facing The facing for a stationary icon can be altered independently of its direction of view.
Job 86 Formations
Job 90 DF Weapon Altitude Direct Fire weapons can now be given a minimum and maximum altitude.
Job 92 Fire Ports
Job 93 Building Rooves Buildings now have (flat) rooves. Occupants can occupy the roof. Icons dismounting from aircraft dismount onto the roof.
Job 96 Ten Groups
Job 97 Logistics Submenu
Job 98 Page Up and Down
Job 99 Force Speed
Job 100 DF Graphics
Job 101 Get Time Bug
Job 102 Branchpoint Restart with Changed Worjstations
Job 103 CBR Submenu
Job 104 Artillery Setup Time
Job 105 Command Weapon
Job 106 DF Weapon LOS
Job 107 Primary FOV
Job 108 Ten Figure Grid
Job 109 Weapon Ready Bin
Job 112 Find Building
Job 113 Stop to Fire
Job 114 Upload Crash
Job 115 Magic Move
Job 106 Laser Designation LOS
Job 117 LOS through Building Bug
Job 118 Menu Layout
Job 119 Zoom Scales
Job 121 ROE States
Job 122 Wheel Mouse Bug
Job 123 Run
Job 125 Weapon Pits
Job 126 Recognition Threshold
Job 127 Batch Mode
Job 128 Observer Posture Height
Job 129 Timed AVLB Activity Node
Job 130 COAC Bugs
Job 135 Floor Activity Node
Job HE 2006 New functions added for Headline 2006 include: area effect obstacles, area fire at building floors, ownfor and opfor trackers, new CONWOR functions.
Version 8-2-37
Version 9-0-00
Version 9-1-00
Version 9-1-01
Version 9-1-02
Version 9-2-00
Version 9-2-01
Version 9-2-02
Version 9-2-05
Version 9-3-00
Version 9-3-01
Version 9-3-02
Version 9-3-03
Version 9-4-00
Version 9-4-01
Version 9-4-02
Version 9-4-03
Version 9-4-04
Version 9-4-05
Version 9-4-06
Version 9-4-07
Version 9-4-08
Version 9-4-09
Version 9-4-10
Version 9-4-11
Version 9-4-12
Version 9-4-13